Tiger Woods’ Booking, Breathalyzer Video Has Been Released And It’s A Tough Watch

by 11 months ago

Jupiter Florida Police Department

Tiger Woods’ booking and breathalyzer video has been released by the Jupiter, Florida Police Department and Eldrick was definitely looking worse for wear.

Two and a half hours after the police nabbed him for DUI Tiger was still obviously very out of it. Almost as out of it as what we saw on the police dashcam video.

Then again, the video was taken at 4:30 AM on a Monday so I would have looked and acted like a freaking zombie too, struggling to keep my eyes open, drugs or no drugs. That being said, Tiger’s difficulty with the breathalyzer was almost comical as the police had to repeatedly tell him to suck on it, not blow into the tube.

Tiger did manage to crack a joke though about his glorious head of hair (at least according to ESPN). When asked to describe his hair color Tiger answered with, “mostly brown and fading and…brown.” Even the cops had to giggle a little at that one.

Poor Tiger, but as John Daly put it when giving his bro some advice, this too, as with everything in life, shall pass.

I still say Bill Burr and Joe Rogan had the best takes on this whole situation.

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