Tiger Woods Allegedly Dumped Ex-GF By Tricking Her Into Fake Vacation And Then Locking Her Out Of House

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Tiger Woods has earned his reputation as one of if not the greatest golfer of all-time.

Woods’ accolades are undeniable. Fifteen major championships. Eighty-two career PGA Tour wins. And a jaw-dropped 683 weeks spent as the world’s No. 1 ranked golfer.

But Woods has also earned his reputation off the course as maybe not the best guy. Everyone knows about his issues with substance abuse and his cheating scandal.

He’d since appeared to clean up his life.

But now he’s back in the news for a story that is equal parts funny and sad. Woods’ ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman, who he’d been dating since 2017, reportedly filed a lawsuit seeking to invalidate the non-disclosure agreement she signed when they began dating.

Details of that lawsuit have since emerged, including the details of the Woods of Herman’s breakup. Those details are reportedly pretty funny.

According to documents obtained by ABC News, Herman in October sued the Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust, which technically owns Woods’ home in Florida. She alleges that she was tricked into going on a short vacation and that when she arrived at the airport, agents for Woods “told her she had been locked out of her residence” and would not be allowed to return. – via ESPN

Tricking someone into thinking they’re going on a fake vacation and then locking them out of your shared residence is pretty low. But it’s also par for the course (pun intended) for Woods.

The pair reportedly broke up late in 2022 and Herman is now seeking a significant sum in damages.

She says she had an “oral tenancy agreement” to live in the house for what the suit called “a certain duration of time” and believes damages, based on the monthly rental value of the residence, would be in excess of $30 million.

Woods’ legal team filed a motion to dismiss the complaint in November, saying Herman’s claims weren’t valid because she was not a “tenant” of the residence under the “Residential Landlord Tenant Act.”

Life is never boring when your Tiger Woods.

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