Tiger Woods Went Lobster Diving Looking Totally Jacked And Very Fresh A Month After Rehab

by 1 year ago
tiger woods lobster diving shirtless pic

Getty Image

The last time we saw Tiger Woods he, uh, wasn’t looking so great. Between the breathalyzer video and his mugshot being turned into a massive mural things were not looking good for the golfing legend.

Shortly thereafter Woods decided to check himself into intensive rehab and we hadn’t heard a peep out of him since.

Until now.

Early Friday morning Woods shared his first social media photo in weeks showing him looking super fresh and oh yeah, completely ripped. (The lobster he caught looks like it’s been hitting the weights a bit too. That thing is huge!)

See? It’s not just the ladies who have mastered figuring out how to age in reverse. Tiger, now 41, is looking as good or better than a man half his age.

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