This GIANT Tiger Woods Mugshot Mural Is A Masterpiece That Belongs In A Museum Somewhere

gilbert arenas tiger woods dui

Palm Beach County Sheriff

Listen, I know that what happened to Tiger Woods is no laughing matter. I get it and I feel for the guy, but if you got arrested and someone painted a giant mural of your mugshot and you looked like a total badass would you really be that upset? Besides, Tiger is getting the help that he needs and as John Daly advised, this too shall pass.

So with all of that in mind, how impressive is this giant mural of Tiger Woods’ mugshot?

Honestly, if I was Tiger I would get a print of that bad boy and have it framed for my man cave.

Also, I didn’t know that making graffiti art out of photos, memes and events like Tiger’s arrest were a thing, but apparently they are.

Here’s one of Jerry Seinfeld’s epic snubbing of Kesha

And a few others that I am betting you might recognize…

H/T The Big Lead

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