Like Many Of You, Tiger Woods Was Puking All Over The Place This Morning

Working on a Saturday morning is a tough gig. All your friends are going out and partying on a Friday night and you try to explain that you have to get up early on Saturday to work. So they say, “Hey, just come out for a couple drinks and jet early.” There’s no such fucking thing as a “couple drinks.” The best stories don’t ever start with, “I had a couple drinks.” Plus no fun shenanigans happens before 11 p.m. All the random hookups, mailbox baseball and watching your friend shit his pants doesn’t happen until 2 a.m. at the very earliest. Tiger Woods understands the struggle and he doesn’t seem like a “couple drink” type of dude.

During an early Saturday morning start, Woods was teeing off at the Hero World Challenge in Windermere, Fla. Woods was attempting to come back from his surgically repaired back, but soon found that it was his stomach messing up his game. Woods battled to make birdie on the first hole, after dry-heaving and vomiting before he got to the green.


Tiger was 3-under on the day after a horrible first round that made most of us puke. He hasn’t withdrawn from the tournament despite having “flu” symptoms. Well fuck, I should get a flu shot because I have flu-like symptoms every Saturday and Sunday morning.




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