Tom Brady’s Funny Twitter Response To ‘The Match’ Loss Is Winning Over His Haters

Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Maybe Trent Dilfer was finally right after six years and four Super Bowls. Maybe it’s time to face the music and recognize that Tom Brady’s “not good anymore.”

On Tuesday, Brady was gifted a six-time major winner and still could not get the job done against Bryson DeChambeau and a guy who’s seriously considering moving to a remote island and changing his name to Kunu.

After a hefty amount of good ol’ fashioned trash talk, both digitally and verbally, Rodgers and DeChambeau defeated Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady 3 and 2 in “The Match” on on Tuesday. Rodgers hit an array of crucial putts during the round, most notably a birdie putt to go 3 up with 6 to play and the match winner.

Brady, who is now 0-2 in The Match, was likely seething on the inside but decided to go the self-mockery route in either an effort to control the narrative or trivialize the loss.

Tom’s Twitter literacy is softening even the staunchest of haters.

Tom’s gotta have someone running his account. Dudes over 40, by nature, do not know how to make memes. Smells fishy.

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