Tom Brady Saw Ian Eagle Drink A Soda One Morning And Shamed Him For It 3 Weeks Later

tom brady ian eagle soda

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  • Announcer Ian Eagle learned firsthand that drinking soda around Tom Brady isn’t the smartest of moves.
  • Brady doesn’t forget those who drink sugary beverages around him, apparently.
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I’m not sure you’ve heard, but Tom Brady takes his diet pretty seriously. The seven-time Super Bowl winner stays away from junk food, sugar, and practically any other foods that the average person consumes on a regular basis unless he’s in his feelings that day.

Brady is careful about what he puts in his own body, but he also notices when others around him make poor health decisions as well. Just ask play-by-play man Ian Eagle, he’s experienced Brady give him a hard time for having a sugary breakfast one morning.

Eagle recently joined the SI Media Podcast and told a legendary story about Brady making fun of his breakfast an entire year later.

Eagle explained that when he arrived in Foxborough before a game, he was running low on sleep. He doesn’t drink coffee and claims he never has, which may be true seeing how this is a man that once said he’s never tasted a condiment in his life. So, with coffee out of the question, he decided to grab a Pepsi at 9:00 AM to wash down a donut for a little pick me up.

Brady walked into the room, saw Eagle eating this sugar-loaded breakfast, and chirped at him. Eagle had the call for a Patriots game three weeks later and Brady brought up the sorry excuse for a breakfast yet again.

Eagle also said that Brady told him that he’s never had soda in his life. I’m going to go ahead and call BS on that one. Brady grew up in America, the man has had a soda before. We get that you don’t touch sugar anymore, Tom, but lying about something like that is just ridiculous.