Report About Tom Brady Looking Miserable And Good At The Same Time Somehow Makes Sense

Tom Brady Looking Miserable And Good Somehow Makes Sense

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Tom Brady is back with the NFL season kicking off soon. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are set up nicely to make a deep playoff run, despite the offensive line being a potential concern. However, there have been reports of the future Hall of Famer looking miserable, but now they’re saying he’s looking good. It sounds confusing, but trust us, it’ll all make sense.

Tom Brady Looks Good And Miserable At the Same Time At Buccaneers’ Practice

As previously mentioned, reports came about Brady looking miserable, per Ben Volin. Many were confused by the initial reporting and Alex Kennedy decided to stop messing around and ask Greg Auman, a Buccaneers Insider for The Athletic, what was going on.

Auman did the Lord’s work and cleared the air for football fans alike. Greg Auman claims that Tom Brady looks great on the field and is even taking extra reps to make up for some of the time lost. So, it sounds the Brady haters (how do they even exist anymore?) are taking another “L” on this one. That’s great news for the Buccaneers, as their quarterback prepares for the upcoming season and is looking sharp in practice.

In case anyone needs some reassurance though, Auman goes the extra mile to come up with a reason for the miserable rumors. Tom Brady asks for the absolute best, so Greg Auman claims Brady could have thrown a “single bad throw” as a potential reason why he looked miserable. Additionally, practicing in Florida in the middle of the summer sounds dreadful. The humidity makes me feel miserable anytime I go outside to check the mail. So I get it, Tom!

Buccaneers fans need not worry about Tom Brady. He’ll be ready to go at the start of the season. At 45 years old and seven Super Bowl titles under his belt, is there really any reason to doubt this man?

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