Tom Brady Posts Thank You Montage Video To Pats Nation And The Comment Section Is A Sob Fest

Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

As a Bostonian who runs on Dunkin’, I will not be totally convinced Tom Brady is leaving for Tampa until he buys a raised truck, gets a face tattoo, and brushes his teeth with Mountain Dew.

Then and only then will it truly set in that the man whose face I plastered on my bedroom wall for 20 years has left me for a state that runs on methamphetamines.

Brady, who is one of the most successful athletes of all-time and the most accomplished football player ever, jetted for Tampa Bay to “show everybody what I got.” Nine Super Bowls. Six rings. Only QB to achieve 200 regular season wins. WE KNOW WHAT YOU GOT, TOM.

My journey over the past 20 years in New England has been amazing. It’s been a long road, and I wouldn’t change anything about it. The support and love of New England fans has always been unconditional. Thank you, Pats Nation #TheOnlyWayIsThrough

This will very likely be the last hype video he’ll ever post in red, white, and blue. Sad.




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