Need A(nother) Reason To Hate The Patriots? Brady Turns His Practice Jersey Inside Out To Hide Nike Logo

tom brady turns practice jersey inside out hide logo

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As if most NFL fans needed another reason to dislike and/or be annoyed by the New England Patriots, Tom Brady just gave them one more by turning his practice jersey inside out to hide the Nike logo (which is there to help pay his enormous salary) for an interview.

Call me crazy, but I can already hear the cries of Patriots haters talking about the arrogance of Brady and the New England Patriots in general. And, to be honest, it’s pretty hard to argue with that take.

I mean, I understand the “why” of Brady doing this. He is in big with Under Armour. Hell, they even made him special pajamas


That being said, off the top of your head, can you name any another NFL player, let alone a quarterback in the NFL that does this?

I can name one that used to do that and other similar things and the NFL let him know about it all three times it happened and even fined him $10,000…twice.

His name is Robert Griffin III and on two separate occasions he was fined for wearing an adidas shirt during game warmups and was also scolded by the NFL for doing this

Oh, by the way, Tom Brady also did something similar to this the same year. I don’t remember any controversy about him being fined.

So what are the odds that (a) Tom Brady gets scolded, (b) gets fined, and (c) comes out for all of his games in 2017 to warmup wearing something like this?

robert griffin iii fined adidas warmup shirts

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My guesses? (a) he won’t, (b) he won’t, and (c) depends on how arrogant he feels on that particular weekend.

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