Insanely Athletic Trail-Running Dogs Tear Down Mountain Bike Tracks In Touching Video About Man’s Best Friend

Shimano Dog Mountain Biking


Dogs are a man’s best friend. Wherever we go, our dogs want to be right by our side. Even if that means hauling down a tight trail, trying to keep up with a mountain bike.

In Shimano’s newest short film, we are introduced to the life of a trail dog. From the perspective of 13-year-old Raven, who has recently retired. She has spent countless days running alongside her owner down a dusty, narrow singletrack beneath towering spruce trees.

Through her eyes, Raven introduces us to some of her friends who also love tearing down a trail. The film is a great look at some crazy athletic dogs who you can’t help but love. More importantly, perhaps, it shares a special look at the relationship between a dog and its owner.

The feel-good film shows our four-legged friends enjoying the mountain bike world in their own way. They love to hit jump lines, lap through the loam and set out to build new trails just like us. The only difference is that they’re doing it without a mountain bike.

Their otherworldly coordination and athleticism is insane. The way that these dogs turn controlled chaos into perfect balance with every jump and turn is captivating.

A celebration of the joys of mountain biking through Raven’s eyes, her memories take us to the high deserts of Utah to freshly-cut trails in South Africa. It’s a very unique perspective to take, and is hard to execute in the way that Shimano does. Taking us, humans, out of our world is difficult, but this touching film does a great job.