Travis Kelce Goes Viral After Absolutely Crushing It As ‘Saturday Night Live’ Host

Travis Kelce

Getty Image / Christian Petersen

Travis Kelce is out here just living his best life. After winning the Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs, the superstar tight end hosted Saturday Night Live.

Considering he’s not an actor, some were skeptical about Kelce being on stage. However, it turns out that he absolutely crushed it.

The episode got off to a hot start with a strong opening monologue from Travis Kelce.

But that’s not the only thing that was solid throughout the night. In fact, many are raving about multiple skits from the episode.

One of which caught the attention of many, as Travis Kelce played a creepy guy in an American Girl Café.

Another skit that’s made rounds on social media didn’t actually air on Saturday night. Even so, many fans are loving this skit as well.

The last time we had a professional athlete crush a Saturday Night Live performance like this was probably Peyton Manning. Since then, Manning has been provided a ton of comic relief through the years.

It’s probably safe to assume that Kelce is going to have that reputation moving forward. The Chiefs’ star absolutely crushed it, which is refreshing for comedy in general.

We’re sure Kansas City can’t wait to see him on the field again. Even so, we want to see Travis Kelce host Saturday Night Live again!