If You Love Shreddin’ Gnar, Stop Whatever You’re Doing And Watch The Teaser For Travis Rice’s New Powder Porn

I’ve been waiting for snow to fall so I can start shredding ‘gnar since the leaves started falling. But after watching the 4K trailer for snowboarder Travis Rice’s new video with the people behind The Art Of Flight, I’m next-level hyped. Like, peeing-my-pants hyped. Randy Marsh Spooky Ghost-hyped.

It’s called The Fourth Phase. The squad at Brain Farm has done it again. Back when they filmed The Art Of Flight in 2009 – 2011, drone filming was still in its very infancy. Now HD drone technology is pretty much standard operating procedure for all powder porn flicks. The cinematography alone is going to make Warren Miller feel like he’s 23 years old again, much less all those beautiful fresh tracks.

This is pretty much what I expect a mountain town movie theater to look like when a bunch of ‘boarders and skiiers watch this thing:

Too bad you’ll have to wait until October 2016. But on the plus side, think about how much ‘gnar you’ll shred between now and then.

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