UFC 202 Press Conference With Conor McGregor And Nate Diaz Ended On A High Note With Middle Fingers And Thrown Water Bottles

It’s pretty much been all quiet on the UFC 202 front. Conor McGregor‘s been quietly training and trying not accidentally quit the UFC again. Nate Diaz has been doing whatever the fuck Nate Diaz does in his free time and presumably getting a game plan together on how to best hit Conor with some good shit. Thankfully, as the calm before the storm begins to subside, we got fucking fireworks at the UFC 202 press conference today. Namely, the two men exchanging ‘fuck yous’ from across the room before Conor and Diaz’s team started throwing water bottle at one another.


This is why I get out of bed in the morning. A couple of grown, professional athletes throwing water bottles as each other like their extras from Heavyweights. You guys at least owe me that. I don’t want any of this “Oh man, I hate you but I’ll save it for the ring!!” Fuck that noise. Prove to me that you hate each other. Spit in the other man’s face. Bite his nose off. Do something to get me excited too. I’m the consumer. Don’t make me go into this fight flat and thinking that you two are civil when not in the cage. I want two wild animals that have had previous altercations. No one watches a violent physical sport for the peace.