UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya Goes HAM On Troubled Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones

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UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya Feuding With Jon Jones

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UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya and UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones have been beefing for over a year now.

We’re not talking about a friendly rivalry either.

These two men appear to genuinely loathe one another.

However, with the current situation in the world and all sports, including the UFC, basically shut down for the foreseeable future, things on the Adesanya and Jones front have been relatively quiet. Especially since Jones was arrested for DWI and allegedly shooting gun while drunk.

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That all changed on Sunday when Adesanya decided to reach out to his nemesis with a short tweet.

Adesanya making reference to this infamous Jon Jones moment from UFC 178.

Jones, of course, responded to Adesanya with a photo of Israel after being knocked out in a kickboxing match and another tweet which read, “Isn’t it sad, they’ll come out and predict a man can never come back to be the best because of some troubles. But give no mentions when I donate thousands to the community every other year.”

He later deleted both tweets, but Adesanya was more than happy to screencap one of them for him, adding his own commentary on it.

Then he threw video of Jones’ arrest from a couple of weeks ago up on Twitter just for good measure.

Jones spent the rest of his Sunday chatting with numerous fans on Twitter, and even addressed the problems he has had with alcohol.

Man, I can’t wait for sports to get going again.

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