UFC Ring Girl Arianny Celeste Causes A Stir With Latest Outfit On Instagram

Arianny Celeste on the red carpet

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Arianny Celeste might be the most famous UFC ring card girl, but she also happens to be a savvy business person.

While speaking with CY Interview, Arianny opened up about her business dealings outside of the UFC.

“I think I’m way more than a ring card girl. I like to think of myself way more than that. I think it’s just thinking outside of the box. Like, what do I really like? I really am driven just by being my own boss and being independent and knowing that I do have, you know, some women that do look up to me and I came from nothing

. So for me to kind of have as much as I do, you know, I’m just so thankful and I hopefully want to inspire girls who want to be like me to like, you know what? Ring card girl, like, that’s great, that’s amazing, that’s all about how you look and your body and your physique, but to have something past that is pretty cool. So I feel really good about it.”

Outside of the Octagon, Arianny owns her own jewelry gifting service, Girlfriend Box.

Arianny also runs her own premium subscription service, which appears to be fairly successful. On Memorial Day weekend, Arianny caused a bit of a stir while promoting her premium subscription site on Instagram.

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