Former UFC Star Calls CM Punk A ‘Whiny Bitch’ For His Comments About WWE And Of Course Wants To Fight Him

CM Punk has been all over the news lately. Well, that’s only if you get your news from wrestling websites. It’s where I get my news. They suck at weather though. It’s like a 20 minute promo before the five day forecast. Takes forever.

CM Punk said some things on The Art of Wrestling podcast. He basically burned the bridge back to the WWE and took down all the house in the adjoining towns that use said bridge to get back and forth. He’s now a free agent. He’s writing comic books. He’s actually happy.

People would rather see him fight. The UFC has interest in Punk’s services, according to prez Dana White. Eh.

One former UFC star would love Punk to join UFC and step foot in an MMA ring.

Former UFC star “The New York Bad Ass” Phil Baroni is one of said-challengers, and after taking a couple of jabs at Punk for his complaints against WWE executives Triple H and Vince McMahon during a recent podcast appearance, Baroni invited Punk to enter the MMA world, where he promises to “break his f*cking neck.”

Baroni wrote the following on his official Instagram page recently, inviting Punk to call Bellator President Scott Coker and set up a fight.

“I’ll bust you up. Call Coker , move da f*cking needle. Wa Wa 3H was mean to me. Vince owes me. Wa Wa. . Your gona love MMA and @Danawhite it’s so fair ova here. Ryback hurt you? I’ll break your f*cking Neck #whineybitch”

I get it — get your name back on fan’s lips by calling out another hot name. Well, it worked, we’re talking, but seriously think this all through. Punk just quit a sport he loved because his mind and body were broken and people expect him to jump into a sport where many, many more things could actually get broken?

Well, MMA guys aren’t the smartest of species. Whiny doesn’t have an E in it, Professor Baroni.

H/T MMA News