UFC’s Sean Strickland & Navy SEAL David Goggins Are Beefing After Goggins Challenged Strickland To Train With Him

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Sean Strickland’s beef with Navy SEALs has reached retired SEAL turned influencer David Goggins.

For the past few months, Strickland has mocked Navy SEALs and their intense training regime and said he didn’t believe any Navy SEAL could survive a week of training with him.

“I don’t think there’s one f—– Navy Seal who could survive a week training with me, I’m kind of sick of seeing it, cause you guys think you’re bad—, come train with me for a week, I’ll show you what’s up, I’ll f—– break you’

Strickland then went on to bash Goggins for being a “glorified personal trainer” during a recent interview.

“I think David Goggins just kind of sucks himself off a little bit too much…I’ve heard a lot of things, in the SEAL community who have kind of said that he was just a glorified PT, when guys were doing hard sh–, he was running miles.”

Goggins has been aware of Strickland’s comments and challenged the UFC star to attend a “hell week” training camp with him.

“The first camp is for all of you out there who think I’m a big fake, some big phony, who’s not out here putting in the grind, who’s hating on me, all this stuff…It’s a three or four day camp and it’s going to be full of running, rocking,swimming,weights, push ups, pull ups, a lot of different sh–, so all of you out there running your mouth…this is your opportunity to show the world that you can f– me up, and we have camera crews out there, you make sure you bring your f—ing camera crew out there, cause you’re gonna want to get this on camera, cause a 49-year-old broke down f-ed up knees, f-ed up body guy, is gonna put you through a camp that you think you can F me up on..and Strickland I haven’t forgetten about your video I hope I see you there also”

Strickland responded to Goggins by mocking his training methods in a social media post.

“I’ll admit it, you will beat me in a jog.”

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