The Florida Gators Announced Homecoming In The Most Embarrassing Way Possible

Earlier this month the University of Florida Gators announced the date of their 2016 Homecoming football game in The Swamp, and they did so by completely pooping the bed and sharing an embarrassing photo on Twitter. I’m not talking like ‘Anthony Weiner accidentally tweeting sexual pics’ embarrassing, this is nuanced in a way that can only only happen in college sports. Look closely and let’s see if you notice anything out of the ordinary here. It’s not exactly glaring, in fact it’s so subtle the designers of the photo didn’t even catch it (and the tweet’s still live):

You see, instead of sharing a spectacular photo of the Florida Gators doing gator stuff they shared a photo of their most bitter rival’s band performing on UF’s football field…If you look at that band in the forefront of the photo you’ll notice that it’s the infamous Florida State University Marching Chiefs on the field:

It’s the band clad in Garnet and Gold from 220 miles down the road, from the school that has absolutely embarrassed the UF Gators for the past half decade on the football field. That’s right, the Florida Gators announced Homecoming with a picture showcasing their biggest rival, the school that poaches all of UF’s football recruits…What a time to be alive.