An Unknown Man Was Spotted On A Roof Watching The Cowboys Practice Before Patriots Game And The Internet Has Cracked The Case

Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

One of the externalities of taking a watery dump on the entire NFL for nearly two decades is that you are given an organizational colonoscopy to ensure you are abiding by the letter of the law. For every mention of the Patriots being a dynasty, you have some salty fan whining about Spygate.

What you don’t hear is that the Patriots caught the Jets filming in the end zone in 2006. Or the Dolphins buying game tapes of the Patriots to study Tom Brady’s audibles before a MNF that same year. Or then-Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan admitting in 2002 to hiring lip readers to steal signals and then bragging that they could decipher all signals before the end of the first half. The list goes on.

The Cowboys held practice Wednesday at The Star in Arlington and Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News tweeted out this photo of an unidentified person overlooking the Cowboys’ practice from the roof of an adjacent building.

With the Cowboys slated to take on the Patriots this Sunday in Foxborough, there isn’t a soul outside of New England who didn’t consider this man to be none other than the Sith Lord himself.

If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’, fellas.

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