The US Government Reportedly Sent A Ton Of Spies To The Rio Olympics

It’s here, bros, the Opening Ceremonies of the 2016 Rio Olympics Summer Games begin in just a few hours! All of the American athletes are in Brazil, ready to win some hardware and make Uncle Sam proud. Those athletes are accompanied by families, trainers, coaches, and according to a report from NBC there are also a literal shit ton of U.S. spies in Rio.

This is not hyperbole, we’ve reportedly got more American spies at the Rio Olympics than some colleges have students, with estimates at over 1,000 spies patrolling the Brazilian streets.

NBC News reports:

U.S. intelligence has assigned more than 1,000 spies to Olympic security as part of a highly classified effort to protect the Rio 2016 Summer Games and American athletes and staff, NBC News has learned.
Hundreds of analysts, law enforcement and special operations personnel are already on the ground in Rio de Janeiro, according to an exclusive NBC News review of a highly classified report on U.S. intelligence efforts.
In addition, more than a dozen highly trained Navy and Marine Corps commandos from the U.S. Special Operations Command are in Brazil, working with the Brazilian Federal Police and the Brazilian Navy, according to senior military officials.
The U.S. military, as expected, has placed larger military units on call should a rescue or counterterrorism operation be needed, the officials said.
The classified report outlines an operation that encompasses all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies, including those of the armed services, and involves human intelligence, spy satellites, electronic eavesdropping, and cyber and social media monitoring.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a card-carrying American and I’m 100% cool with us doing this but if I were from another country I feel like I’d be goddamn livid knowing that the U.S. Government sent a thousand spies to eavesdrop on other countries.

As for the actual American spies down in Rio I have to imagine that this is like winning the lottery in the spy world. You get a vacation to sunny Rio and can chill on the beach and drink Caipirinhas while your coworkers are getting send to Uzbekistan and places like that. I can’t help but wonder if there was a meritocracy that led to which spies were chosen for an Olympics vacation in Rio.

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For more on this report, you can head on over to NBC News!

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