Victor Cruz Adds Insult To Injury By Claiming The Ben McAdoo Firing Was ‘Long Overdue’

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For most of us, if we get fired from our jobs, we may receive a few pity messages from former colleagues and have the added stress of making that dreaded phone call to mom and dad. It sucks–no doubt–but eventually we all look back on that period in between jobs nostalgically, as an unpaid vacation of sorts.

One of the pitfalls of holding a position constantly scrutinized by the public is that the shittiness is just beginning when the pink slip is delivered. Ben McAdoo is feeling that wrath as we speak after being fired from his head coaching gig of the New York Giants after two seasons.

Just one year removed from McAdoo tying the Giants’ franchise record held by Dan Reeves for most regular season wins by a first year head coach, McAdoo has become public enemy number 1 in New York. Reports of him losing the locker room were only accentuated after benching Eli Manning and ending the quarterback’s 210 straight game streak under center.

Former Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz added insult to injury by calling out McAdoo for his coaching tactics.

“As far as Coach McAdoo being fired, I think it was long overdue,” Victor Cruz said Tuesday on “Good Morning Football.”

“I think it was a couple of weeks too late. Once you see guys in the locker room start to give anonymous reports about how he’s handling them … that’s how you know he’s completely lost the locker room and completely lost the players.”

“Benching Eli was one of the most disrespectful things I’ve seen in a very long time. What he’s done for that organization, for the city of New York and you’re going to bench him, especially this season where you are essentially have nothing to play for.”

“You’re going to bench a guy that’s been the most consistent piece for the last 13, 14 seasons to assess your talent over the final four games? I didn’t understand that. He’s earned the right to finish the year how he wants to finish it. Don’t slap him in the face and say, ‘We’ll start you for a half’ just to keep the streak alive. That’s not Eli’s swagger, that’s not how he is.”

Granted, Cruz has been extra harsh on McAdoo considering the Giants saved $7.5 million against the cap by cutting the Super Bowl champion after McAdoo’s first season, claiming the Giants sabotaged his career.

Listen to Cruz talk about the firing below.

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