Video Surfaces Of Baker Mayfield During Pregame With The 49ers And What Exactly Is Richard Sherman So Upset About? (Updated)

Video Surfaces Of Baker Mayfield During Coin Toss With Richard Sherman

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Tuesday morning when outspoken San Francisco 49ers defensive back Richard Sherman’s disparaging comments about Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield went viral, not many fans batted an eye because well, Baker’s gonna Baker.

Sherman claimed that during pre-game handshakes Mayfield refused to shake hands calling Mayfield’s actions “bush league” and “disrespectful.”

Also on Tuesday, ESPN analysts Marcus Spears took what Sherman said and absolutely went off on Mayfield.

“Baker Mayfield came in this league like he was the reason dudes played in this league, like he’s the guy who has made careers and made guys great,” Spears said Tuesday. “The more you talk, the more they remember. The worst thing you can do is talk about other players. Every player that plays the Cleveland Browns and Baker Mayfield has extra incentive to make this team look terrible because of the quarterback and his personality.

“(All you hear is) ‘This is his moxie, this is how he plays great’ but you know what? When you get to the NFL, don’t nobody give a damn about that. Nobody cares about how much confidence you have. I’ll tell you this too, if they continue to play like this, his team ain’t going to give a damn about his leadership or his moxie because winning equals checks. And when dudes stop getting their checks, they turn to the guy who is responsible for it.”

Now, video has surfaced of Mayfield and Sherman’s meeting at midfield where the DB says he was snubbed by the Browns quarterback.

So… did you see it? No?

How about this time?

To me, and since I can’t actually see either of the players when they get face-to-face, I am not seeing what caused Sherman to go off on Mayfield and his “college sh*t.”

I mean, Mayfield gives daps to every 49er I can make out, including Niners defensive tackle DeForest Buckner. He also obviously didn’t have any problem showing Jimmy Garappolo some love both before and after the game. So what happened that got Richard Sherman so mad?

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Needless to say, the internet is, as always, has opinions.

Sherman’s exact quote was, “That’s some college shit It’s ridiculous. We’re all trying to get psyched up, but shaking hands with your opponent — that’s NFL etiquette.”

Based on that, very unclear video, it would appear that Baker Mayfield clearly understands “NFL etiquette.” He only has a problem with shaking Richard Sherman’s hand. Hmmm…

No sh*t.

UPDATE: It would appear that Richard Sherman may have been making things up.