Video Perfectly Describes The Difference Between A Cam Newton Fan And A Peyton Manning Fan

There are just a few differences between Cam Newton and Peyton Manning.

One’s brash, the other’s reserved. One’s athletic, the other’s… not exactly. One represents the new, the other’s more traditional.

And while there aren’t too many similarities between the quarterbacks squaring off in Sunday’s Super Bowl 50, the differences between the No.1 fans for both players is even more extreme, as our good friends over at The Kicker so aptly proved with this video.

Now, I don’t think Manning’s biggest fans are all old, balding and live in their mother’s basement, or that Newton’s most loyal supporter is toned and energetic, but it sometimes feels that way, doesn’t it?

I guess we’ll have to see which style is better once the outcome is player on Super Sunday.

[H/T The Kicker]

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