Video Shows Fake Klay Thompson Being Let Into Arena By Warriors Security And Allowing Him To Shoot Hoops On Court Before NBA Finals Game

Getty Image / Getty/NBA TV

  • Dawson Gurley aka “Fake Klay Thompson” revealed that he been banned for life from the Chase Center for fooling security into thinking he was the real Klay Thompson and allowing him on the court hours before game 5 of NBA Finals.
  • Gurley has released the video of security letting him into the Chase Center through the employee entrance.

Security at the Chase Center is apparently not very good.

On Monday night, Klay Thompson impersonator Dawson Gurley AKA Big Daws revealed that he had been banned for life from the Chase Center after he fooled security and was able to get onto the court to shoot hoops hours before game 5 of the NBA finals.

Dawson released the video of his latest prank, showing how easy it was for him to get into the arena through the VIP entrance. In the video, one of the security personnel even told Dawson, “let’s get a dub today, Klay’ as he made his way through the backstage corridor.

Gurley is adamant that he didn’t deliberately attempt to fool Warriors security and that they just let him in without asking questions.

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