Viewers Of Game 1 Were Very Upset The Classic NBA Finals Logo Once Again Did Not Appear On The Court

Viewers Were Very Upset With No Classic NBA Finals Logo On The Court


The classic “The Finals” logo hasn’t appeared on the court in an NBA Finals since 2017, and based on reactions on social media during Game 1 of the Warriors-Raptors series, people are still pissed off about it.

Hard to blame them. The cursive “The Finals” logo was iconic AF and gave the proceedings a feeling of real importance.

The new Finals logo, introduced during the 2017 season is, well, boring AF.

Reactions back then pretty much went like this…

On the plus side, they added a “presented by YouTube TV” to the logo so… yeah… it still sucks.

“The NBA and ESPN have a history of creating innovative sponsorships, and this certainly qualifies,” said Wendell Scott, Senior Vice President, Multimedia Sales, ESPN when the new logo was revealed.

“Our presenting partnership of The Finals marks another first in our longstanding and innovative history with YouTube,” said Dan Rossomondo, NBA Senior Vice President, Global Media and Business Development.

No one cares. Bring back the classic logo.