Vin Scully Says Redheads Will Be Extinct By 2030. Freaks Out Every Ginger Watching the Dodgers Game

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With all due respect to Vin Scully, the longtime Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster who has witnessed a hell of a lot in his 66 years inside the booth for the team both in Brooklyn and L.A., must have forgotten to take his pills the other day.

After a redheaded kid had thrown out the first pitch of the game after he had been selected by Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner, the gingers were already on the mind of Scully—also a redhead—who is known to be quite the entertaining storyteller while on-air during broadcasts.

Frequently busting out an interesting fact here and there during his years, Scully said something that probably made more than a few people wonder what in the fuck he was sipping, smoking or distracted by, because he caught everyone off-guard.

During one of Turner’s at bats, Scully thought he would drop quite the info about his redheaded amigos, saying that he had heard somewhere that all firecrotches would be extinct by the year 2030 because of some scientific shit going on with clonal warming and recessive genes.

Look, I’m not smart enough to understand most of that claim, but I do think I’m smart enough to think that an entire population of a hair color being knocked out because of warmer weather is nuts.

As one would imagine, the claim that this is even a possibility was pretty much shot down just about as fast as it hit the Internet last year, so, fear not, redheads, you’ll still have plenty of others rocking that auburn mane for plenty of generations to come.

With the news that the first annual Ginger Pride Festival is taking place next summer in England, you would think that Scully would do everything he could to make his fellow red-haired at peace with their acceptance into society—finally.

Unfortunately, all he may have done is freak them out even more than they already are for being so different, way to go Vin.