Volleyball Player Inadvertently Saves A Point By Letting The Ball Smash Off Her Face

Volleyball is one of those sports that no one fully understands but anyone can play. Just don’t touch the ball more than three times or let it hit the floor on your side of the court first. That’s pretty much it. It’s essentially like a game of ‘Keep It Up’ except if you lose, you’ll probably have to run sprints the next day at practice. Which is exactly what this girl didn’t want to do, hence why she was ok with taking a ball off the bridge of her nose to bank a point for her own team.

It’s dedication like this coaches look for. You don’t really care about your team unless you let a high-speed rubber ball bounce off your face. Her teammates were all just standing around, mulling over exactly what insult to hurl her way once the other team inevitably earned a point off of her imbecility. Really, they’re all lucky she earned them that point because of that ball was returned there was no way they were pulling themselves together quick enough. That’s why it’s not over ’til it’s over. You can’t take down the competition unless you’re willing to split some cartilage. She better have gotten the game ball. Do they even do game balls in volleyball? Well, if they don’t, they better have started doing so and then given one to this chick.