Here’s The Dirtiness Vontaze Burflict Pulled On Ben Roethlisberger That Was Never Shown On TV



By now 99.99% of you bros know what happened in the Steelers vs. Bengals AFC Wild Card game on Saturday night, that the Bengals pulled ahead with just a few minutes left in the 4th quarter and then suffered an atomic meltdown. One of the biggest contributing factors in the Bengals’ AFC Wild Card Game meltdown was penalties, and the biggest penalty of the game came with 22 seconds left when Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burflict threw a nasty (and illegal) shoulder hit to the head on Steelers WR Antonio Brown, a hit that resulted in a 15-yard penalty and ultimately cost the Bengals the game.

Prior to that Vontaze Burflict had thrown down a vicious hit on Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger, a hit that temporarily knocked Big Ben out of the game with a shoulder injury. Until now everyone believed that Roethlisberger had landed awkwardly on his shoulder and that’s what resulted in the injury, and that’s because they didn’t show us this clip/replay/angle on live TV. Instead it was the good ol’ Internet (I’m looking at you, Deadspin) that unearthed this DIRTY AS FUCK play by Vontaze Burflict, one that’s sure to cost him $$$$$ and a multiple game suspension going into next season:

SO. FUCKING. DIRTY. Players like that should have no place in the NFL, and I hope the commish responds accordingly and kicks this shitbag out of the league (p.s., I’m not a Steelers fan and I don’t hate the Bengals, so there’s nothing personal going on here).

For a full recap of how the Cincinnati Bengals and Vontaze Burflict lost the AFC Wild Card game you can CLICK HERE to see videos of the plays down the stretch, and for a complete rundown of Vontaze Burflict’s dirty history in the NFL you can click on over to Deadspin who have put together a comprehensive list of Burflict’s dirty play.

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