These Florida Bros Wakeboarding Behind A Horse In ‘Cracker Swamp’ Is 100% Pure Redneck, And I Love It

I can’t say that I’ve ever been to ‘Cracker Swamp’ in Palatka, Florida where this video was filmed. I have been to Palatka before, in Putnam County, and I can vouch that it’s one of the most country places you’ll ever encounter in America. Real talk, when someone says ‘Florida isn’t the South’ just tell them drive through Palatka and they’ll come back thinking that Florida‘s actually the capital of The South.

Everything else in this video, it just speaks directly to my secretly-redneck-af heart. I was born and raised in Florida, grew up in the Boyscouts, somewhere in my house I’ve got a trophy from winning a grassroots Hyperlite wakeboarding tournament in H.S., and I even spent my three Summers of middle school at equestrian camp (my mom’s side of the family always owned horses and wanted me to experience that). So I think I’ve finally found the most Florida video of all videos, and one that literally speaks to a thousand different aspects of my WTFlorida life..and I really don’t know how to feel about all this. I guess I should consider getting in touch with those bros wakeboarding behind the horse and try to get a BroBible wakeboarding trip on the books because we have so much in common it’s weird…right? What else do I do?

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…Shout out to FOX 13 News for tracking down this video!…