Is This Dude’s Heinous Redskins Back Tattoo Enough To Make The Franchise Change Mascots?

Peter Aiken/Getty Images

Do me a favor: grab a ball point pen and a piece of paper. Head to that one bar with the mechanical bull in it. Tie a blindfold around your head. Eat three Tide Pods. Saddle up on the mechanical bull. Tell the drunk operator to rev that baby up to 10. Now, to the best of your ability, draw the Redskins logo while the DJ plays that obnoxious Hail to the Redskins fight song.

How did it come out? Any less racist than the original? Don’t beat yourselves up if it’s not an exact replica of the Indian. Take comfort in the fact that it likely came out better than the work of a professional paid to create art on the body. Take a look at this flaming dumpster fire:

If I were voted into political office, my first line item would be to outlaw people who get tattoos this disgraceful and tattoo artists who attach their names to heinous works like this one from voting. Can’t have people citizens casting votes with judgement this poor. That will certainly not make America great again.

Moral of the story: Loser franchises deserve loser tattoos. I choose to believe that’s how the world works. Now if you’ll excuse me while I get the Browns mascot tattooed on my lower back.

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