WATCH: White Sox Shortstop Tim Anderson Tags Runner Without Ball In His Glove In Another Bizarre Play

WATCH: White Sox SS Tim Anderson Tags Runner Without Ball

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  • The Chicago White Sox are victims of yet another bizarre play.
  • Shortstop Tim Anderson almost pulled off a double play.
  • But he tagged the runner with his glove…without the baseball.

The Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins already made headlines this week as Byron Buxton helped pull off a never-before-seen triple play.

Well, they made noise again on Wednesday with a strange play, although it was the White Sox on defense this time. But, the White Sox were also the ones who caught attention for this strange play.

White Sox SS Tim Anderson Commits Bizarre Play

It looked like Tim Anderson pulled off a tag-him-out throw-him-out double play to end the inning.

However, Anderson tagged the runner but had the ball in his other hand.

At first glance, the umpires called it a double play because that’s what it looked like. But closer examination clearly has the ball in Anderson’s other hand and his glove empty, making Max Kepler safe at second base.

So, instead of the White Sox escaping the inning, the Twins scored a run as Luis Arraez scored from third base.

And, of course, the reactions were priceless.

Simply put, it has not been a good week for the White Sox. We can only imagine what kind of reaction Tony La Russa had to this play unfolding the way it did. Yikes.