Will Ferrell Spotted Slugging Beers, Shooting J’s, And Electrifying The Crowd At Indiana Pacers Game

Will Ferrell amps up the crowd at a Pacers game.

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Will Ferrell made quite the impression at a recent Indiana Pacers game. The actor and comedian was spotted electrifying the crowd during Monday’s pregame festivities.

He also got a chance to go behind the scenes and chat with the team and head coach, Rick Carlisle.

This was Ferrell’s first time at a Pacers game, though it’s far from his first sports outing. He’s often seen at baseball games and has a self-reported arsenal of 63 pitches.

But it was all basketball this week, and the comedian didn’t disappoint.

Before the tip, Ferrell had a chance to show off some of his own skills. He warmed up on the court, displaying a jump shot that wasn’t half-bad.

Check out the range!

After shootaround, the real fun started.

Will Ferrell popped by the Pacers locker room to yak it up with players and staff. He’s seen talking with head coach Rick Carlisle while hilariously offering Indiana players sips of beer before the game.

The actor quickly shifted from jokester to entertainer as he was tasked with riling up the home crowd. He, along with rapper 50 Cent, took part in the pregame festivities.

Ferrell then got on the mic, getting those Pacers supporters excited for action.

He kept that energy going up through the fourth quarter.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to get Indiana over the hump. The Pacers fell to the 76ers in a close game, 147-143. Despite the loss, it seemed to be a fun night for everyone involved.