These World Cup Charts Showing The Insane Amount Of Prize Money And Values Of Each Team Are Wild

by 10 months ago
World Cup Prize Money Value Teams

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So. Did you hear? America won’t be playing in the 2018 World Cup in Russia thanks to the men’s U.S. soccer team not qualifying. Which begs the question: If the U.S. isn’t playing in the World Cup, does it even really happen? I kid, I kid. Sort of.

Anyhoo, the games are going on without us and the amount of money involved in this year’s World Cup makes the Super Bowl look like a little sandlot game.

We know this because cost information website, who studies such things, put together a couple of charts that show exactly how insane the amount of money surrounding the World Cup really is.

For instance, take a wild guess what the total amount of prize money will be for the 2018 World Cup? Nope… Too low… Still too low… it’s $400 MILLION! That doesn’t even count the $391 MILLION being paid to various soccer clubs for contributing their employees (aka the players) to the tournament.

The champions of the 2018 World Cup will take home $38 MILLION all by themselves.

By comparison, each player on the Philadelphia Eagles received $112,000 for winning Super Bowl LII.

Here’s how the rest of the winnings shake out per team…

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