Woman Permanently Drops ‘Fabricated Lawsuit’ About Xavien Howard Giving Her An STD

Xavien Howard takes the field for the Miami Dolphins.

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Xavien Howard is clearing his name amid claims that he gave a woman a sexually transmitted disease. Howard’s lawyer released a statement on Twitter Tuesday with an update on the situation.

In October, the Dolphins star was sued for allegedly giving the woman in question genital herpes. He responded with an adamant denial of the transmission.

This week, we learned that those charges would be dropped permanently. Brad Sohn, Howard’s lawyer, said the following in a message Tuesday afternoon.

The anonymous accuser who sued my client for transmitting genital herpes has permanently dropped what we proved was a fabricated lawsuit. Xavien Howard never had genital herpes in the first place; the entire basis of her lawsuit was a literal impossibility. His accuser nevertheless lobbed out defamatory, absurd, and knowingly-false claims, as one of several (unsuccessful) attempts to extort money from him. Xavien is considering various legal action against this fabricator and hopes that those who ratified her made-up claims by reporting on them will also report Xavien’s exoneration.

Sohn claims that the accuser knew the lawsuit was completely fabricated, and that his team was able to prove it. Xavien Howard reportedly never had the STD in the first place.

Howard’s attorneys also say that the woman had “engaged in a campaign of stalking,” threatened him with “multiple acts of violence,” and extorted him for money.

Sohn went on to tell the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that the basis for her lawsuit was a “literal impossibility.”

In order to sue somebody for failing to disclose that you had herpes and then transmitting herpes to you, the person you’re accusing has to actually have herpes. He didn’t.

It seems that this situation has now come to a close. Xavien Howard will now turn his focus to the 2023 NFL season as he looks to get the Dolphins back to the playoffs.