XFL Commissioner Says Colin Kaepernick Was ‘Never Really A Viable Option’ To Play In The League After His Extremely High Salary Demands

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Earlier this year it was reported that Colin Kaepernick had shown interest in playing in the revamped XFL that’s set to begin play on February 8th of 2020. However, as you know, Kaepernick has done quite a few things in terms of trying to return to the game of football over the last few months, but nothing has come to fruition.

Regardless of the situation at hand, XFL commissioner Oliver Luck spoke with the Tampa Bay Times on a number of players and topics surrounding the league and it turns out that Kaepernick playing in the XFL was never really an option.

“I think his salary demands are way out of our ballpark. He was never really a viable option.”

It’s a short statement from Luck, but that’s what makes it so impactful and straight-forward. It’s pretty clear what Luck thinks about Kaepernick and the XFL.

In an exclusive interview with Sporting News in late February, Kaepernick was seeking ‘at least $20 million’ per season to play in the XFL. The league isn’t looking to pay anyone in the league that sort of money.

Kaepernick recently settled his collusion case against the NFL. His talks with both the XFL and AAF indicate he wants to play after a two-year absence. But unless he climbs way down from his contract demands of at least $20 million per season, the chances of him playing for either of the new spring football leagues are remote.

Yes, McMahon is a showman. But he’s also a businessman. His new eight-team league is looking to pay starting quarterbacks $250,000 a season, sources said.

Kaepernick’s last contract in the NFL was a seven-year deal worth $126 million, for what it’s worth.

Among other things Luck discussed with the Tampa Bay Times were players Johnny Manziel and Trent Richardson who weren’t selected in the XFL Draft.

I would argue that the players we have are better than those guys, to be honest with you. Johnny has his own history, and we have coaches from the CFL (Canadian Football League) who have seen him close up. I watched Trent when he was with the Colts, and I watched him when he was with the AAF. He was in the draft pool. Coaches and scouts looked at him and didn’t think he was going to help their team.

It’s going to be extremely interesting how, and if, the XFL will succeed in its inaugural season with a number of big-time names sitting on their couches instead of playing in the league.