The XFL Is Using An Xbox Controller For Official Booth Reviews, Inspiring More Love For The League

Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write in the year 2020: The XFL is having an incredible opening weekend.

For starters, the XFL kickoff-style absolutely rules. Fans are loving the XFL’s raw and uncensored broadcast-style, with players casually dropping F-bombs to reporters on the sidelines.

Additionally, the XFL is living up to its promise of being fully transparent when it comes to ref decisions and booth-reviews, with the broadcast showing officials discussing a ruling and how they come to an officiating decision.

It’s a breath of fresh air compared to the NFL’s authoritarian, hush-hush way of officiating football games.

Today, the Internet discovered a key component to these booth reviews:

Xbox controllers.

XFL booth officials are using Xbox controllers to review footage. It’s a tool of the trade, if you will.

Take a closer look.

An XFL video game is gonna be the best new sports video game in years.

And you know Vince McMahon is chatting about that with 2K very, very soon.

Everything about the XFL rules. Welcome back!