Yo-Yo Ma Played An Impromptu Concert After Vaccination, Continues To Be One Of The Coolest People On The Planet

Yo-Yo Ma Cello

Berkshire Community College

Yo-Yo Ma is such a cool dude. It’s been a hard, stressful year for everyone and the world-renowned cellist wanted to provide people with a moment of relaxation amidst the chaos. Ma received his second dose of the COVID-19 vaccination over the weekend and decided to play an impromptu concert during the customary 15-minute observation period that follows each dose. The 65-year-old pulled out his cello in the waiting room and performed Franz Schubert’s ‘Ave Maria’ and the prelude to Bach’s ‘Cello Suit No. 1’ for those in the waiting area.

Ma, an 18-time Grammy award winner, brought his instrument to the vaccination site at Berkshire Community College’s Pittsfield, Massachusetts campus and asked one of the clinic managers if he could perform a few songs.

After receiving his second dose, he set up along the back wall and spent his entire waiting period serenading those who were waiting along with him. Many were moved to tears, because, well, I am and I wasn’t even there. I miss live music so much and this was such a cool thing.

Even just receiving a COVID-19 vaccine is a profound moment in our lives that we will never forget. When those people went to sit down and reflect on what just happened, a phenomenal musician sits down and plays two of the most emotional songs in existence. And then you find out that it’s not just any cellist, but the greatest of all-time, wanting to share some of the music that gives him comfort in these days of anxiety.

Yo-Yo Ma is one of the world’s most loving, compassionate souls and he shared his gift with a reeling world once more on Sunday. What a special man.

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