Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Invites You To ‘Kiss Her Butt Goodbye’ In TikTok Video Before Jets Game


  • Lisa Wilson’s mom has to deal with a lot of hate but handles it in stride with a smile on her face.
  • In response, she is inviting you to “kiss her ass goodbye.”
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When it comes to social media personalities, very few are more entertaining than Jets quarterback Zach Wilson’s mom Lisa. She is unapologetically herself in every moment, loves her family, and could not care less about the haters.

She made that notion very clear in her most recent TikTok video.

Ever since her son was drafted by New York in April, there has been a lot of hate directed toward Lisa. People can be really ruthless online and oftentimes the boundaries between internet and reality are blurred. That was certainly the case earlier this year when the trolls came out and hated all over Zach through Lisa.

Not cool, but Lisa doesn’t care. She, in turn, takes her unlimited car wash pass and “washes away the bullshit.”

If you don’t know what that means, you need to get on board with the content factory that is @lifeaccordingtolisa on Instagram. She throws banger birthday parties, has a sweet basement, and gives incredible pep talks almost every morning.

On Sunday, she took her talents to TikTok. Lisa, who loves to boogie, joined Zach’s girlfriend Abbey and their friend Sami before the Jets hosted the Eagles.

The trio joined in on a recent viral trend set to Meghan Trainor’s old song ‘Title.’

“Then consider this an invitation to kiss my ass goodbye,” the lyrics say.

Although the lyrics do not directly correlate to the sentiment, Lisa is inviting the haters to kiss her ass.


Jets fans 💚 @abbeygile @honeygirlsami #jets

♬ original sound – Lisa Wilson

Lisa Wilson continues to be the perfect example of how to let the hate roll off your back like water off of a duck. Now just give her that title, title.