Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Puts Commenter In A Body Bag Over His Rude Reply To Her Instagram Story

Zach Wilson's Mom Lisa Eviscerates Rude IG Follower For Mean Reply


  • Zach Wilson’s mom Lisa is one of the best follows on Instagram.
  • She never fails to share some incredibly entertaining and informative information and moments.
  • However, if you come for her with mean intentions, she will absolutely kill you with kindness.

Of the many billions of people on Instagram, there are very few follows as entertaining as Lisa Wilson. The mother of New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson provides a wealth of content, from home renovations, to meal ideas, to inside looks at her family and her life, to motivational pep talks.

And credit where credit is due, Lisa is a real champion of people. She always takes every opportunity to promote local businesses, people who do good in her community, and products that help her in her everyday life.

Lisa is unfiltered and unapologetically herself, but she never speaks ill of others— unless they deserve it.

Well, that was the case over the weekend. Lisa Wilson put a rude Instagram follower in his place.

On Saturday, Lisa stopped by a local bakery and gave them a significant plug with a video on her Instagram story. While doing so, she hyped up the donuts.

In response to her story, a man by the name of Josh replied back and said that Lisa looked like she ate all of the donuts and that she needed to chill. He implied that she had gained weight or looked fat or whatever. It was not only not true, but it was rude and unnecessary.

Lisa checked her DMs and saw the message on Sunday. And then she proceeded to absolutely eviscerate him with kindness.

Rather than replying privately, Lisa put Josh on blast. He got flambéed, and the best part was that Lisa didn’t rip him to shreds with mean words or by making fun of him. Rather, she wished him the best.


Got. Him.

Lisa took the high road and it paid off. Josh certainly must feel silly!

(If you want to follow Lisa, which I would HIGHLY recommend, you can find here HERE.)