Bret Hart Recalls The British Bulldog Fighting Six Drunks In The Street With A Wrestling Legend In The Backseat Of The Car

Bret Hart Davey Boy Smith Fight


Bret Hart’s podcast, Confessions of the Hitman, is becoming a must-listen for classic stories about the insane life of professional wrestlers.

Hart has shared incredible tales over the last few months, including two WWE legends that tortured The Rock back in the day, how Bill Goldberg’s lack of experience cost Hart close to $15M, scary incidents with stalkers, and the British Bulldogs favorite drunken prank.

In a recent episode of the show, Hart shared another story about British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith and the time the duo fought off 6 drunks in the middle of a Calgary street, with wrestling legend Lou Thesz in the backseat.

From Wrestling Inc.

“We were driving but before we got to Memorial Drive, at the light before that, six guys in a car, they just about hit us broadside and they swerved,” recalls Hart. “They ran through a red light and came right at us, and we screeched on the brakes. And it was summertime, about 100º in Calgary, or 89 or 90º – it was a really hot night.”

Hart remembers Thesz being in the backseat and being close to 80 years old at the time, and the three wrestlers being at a traffic light after the scary incident.

“And we pull up to the light and the guy over in the car driving looks over at Davey, and he says, ‘where did you learn to f–king drive?’ And then the guy who was on the passenger side in that guy’s car jumped out of the car and ran around, and Davey opened up his car door and he jumped out of the car.

And now Davey’s going toe to toe with the guy who had run around from the other side, so I slid over on my side of the car. And the doors were kind of–the way the doors opened, I was sort of boxed in.

And there are five other guys in the car. They were so drunk they didn’t even know we stopped.”

The next thing Hart knew, the 8 men were fighting in the street, with Thesz watching in the backseat. Hart recalls the fight didn’t last very long, especially after the British Bulldog bodyslammed one of the guys onto the concrete road.

“I just remember when I went to go help Davey, he had one guy on his back. He had the other guy in a bodyslam position.

And I’m thinking, ‘that’s pretty impressive to me, to bodyslam somebody right on the pavement on Edmonton Trail.’

I pulled the guy off Davey. I pulled him off by the hair, and Davey, I remember watching it out of the corner of my eye, Davey bodyslammed this guy right on the pavement for real. Just splatted him on the pavement.

And then, I remember I had the guy I peeled off Davey, and I remember I didn’t know what to do with him so I had his head, I took it… banged his head on the trunk of the car.

But I remember, he never did [put his hands up to block]. He kept his hands by his side, and I banged his head on the trunk of the car and I knocked him out cold. And it was all in about 30 or 40 seconds.”

After leaving all the men lying in the middle of the road, Smith and Hart fled the scene, but not before Hart delivered one last – accidental – shot to one of the victims.

“We jumped back in the car, and I remember, when we drove off, I accidentally drove over somebody’s leg.

I could see it in the rearview mirror.

I didn’t know he was lying there out cold with his leg underneath the tire, but I could feel the bump as I went passed.

I remember looking in the mirror and I go, ‘oh, God.’”

Hart remembers Thesz being incredibly apologetic to the pair about not being able to assist in the fight.

“He kept apologizing to me for not getting out and helping us. I was like, ‘Lou, you’re 80 years old. No one expected you to get out.”

[via Confessions of the Hitman]


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