A Tarantula Wreaked Havoc On An AirTransit Flight, Samuel L. Jackson Was Not There To Help

There are many things in this world that terrify me. Clowns. Tuesdays. Kanye West. But spiders are at the tip-top of that list. Snakes are, hands down, number one. Because who the hell likes snakes? Fucking no one, that’s who. Spiders, though, creep around not giving a rat’s ass about anything but being ugly, furry little monsters. So take that horror sauce and put it on a plane? NOPE.

Catherine Moreau was a passenger on a flight to Montreal when she felt something brush up against her leg. It was indeed a tarantula. And she was indeed horrified, according to CBC News:

I brushed [it] away and it started tickling me again. That’s when I noticed the tarantula. I hit it to get it off me before it bit.

The tarantula then climbed up Moreau’s leg and sent not only her in a panic, but all the passengers.

They gave first aid to the person who said that a spider climbed [her] legs. It took a long time from when we screamed to get a bag to put it in.

And to make matters worse, this was only one of TWO tarantulas on this AirTransit flight. Listen, imagine sitting down, confined on a plane, and a tarantula starts crawling up your leg. It’s not okay. Samuel took care of snakes on a plane, but who the hell is supposed to take care of this?

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Moreau wants a partial refund for her family’s tickets, and rightfully so. Her daughter was scratched, has been having nightmares and was apparently in shock from the whole incident. But AirTransit has yet to get back to the family and has not let them send in an official report of the incident. Moreau did however send in a letter regarding the incident that the airline signed off on, but nothing has been heard since.

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And one last thing, √Čtienne Normandin, an entomologist at the University of Montreal, said the tarantulas were likely a species called Phormictopus cancerides, apparently a spider like this “is very common in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and easy to catch and that these tarantulas were aggressive, but the venom is not strong. Uh, what? Dare I say, ‘that won’t fly!’

Bottom line, spiders, and snakes for that matter, suck. And they definitely don’t belong on a plane. Although it would make for an entertaining B-movie on the SyFy channel.