15 GIFs that prove Lindsay Lohan has what it takes to make a comeback

So I’m on the Lindsay Lohan bandwagon—who’s with me? Who cares that she drank herself into oblivion or that she’s a kleptomaniac. I don’t care, I think she’s hot, I kinda love her for being crazy.

15. So who’s ready for the Lindsay Lohan comeback tour?

14. Because she’s no longer doing this

13. Or this

12. And we no longer want to hit her in the head for doing crazy stuff

11. Like whatever’s she doing here

But Lindsay’s really close to getting her career back

10. She’s multi-talented

9. She can handle a gun

8. She can, uh, strip

7. She’s not afraid of doing sex scenes

6. She has a great personality

5. Like a really, big personality

4. Did I mention her personality?

3. Oh and boobs

2. Yeah, that too

1. And I don’t even remember what we were talking about