Amy Adams just pulled a total boss move for an American soldier

amy adams soldier

Most people in Hollywood are jagoffs (ahem, LaBeouf). It’s true, but now and then one of them actually turns out to be nice. Amy Adams is apparently one of those people.

This morning while sitting on a plane getting ready to go somewhere, Adams pulled a move you don’t see too often as she generously gave up her first class seat on the plane to an American soldier.


That move right there made for at least three winners on that plane. Adams, the soldier and possibly up to two more people who suddenly found themselves sitting next to Amy Adams in coach.

By the way, Adams’ father was a U.S. serviceman so Amy grew up on military bases until she was eight years-old. Good to see she hasn’t forgotten where she came from.

Jennifer Lawrence may be America’s sweetheart, but with moves like this Amy Adams is making a nice run at her.

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Amy Adams image by Jaguar PS/Shutterstock

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