Amy Adams says Jennifer Lawrence has ‘soft lips’ (because she kissed her)

Are you planning on seeing American Hustle? Did you know that Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence kiss in the film? Oh, NOW you’re going to go see it. Yes, it’s already getting rave reviews. The kiss I mean. Who cares about the rest of the movie?

In an interview with Extra, Amy Adams, 39, and J-Law, 23, talked about their soon-to-be very famous kiss with Adams saying, “She does a great job at it! She has very soft lips.” So between Josh Hutcherson and now Amy Adams we all know that kissing Jennifer Lawrence is pretty damn fantastic. Figures.

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Adams continued, “She’s a really awesome woman. Everyone’s chemistry is so electric in this. The volatile energy between Jennifer and I, it almost borders on intimacy because it’s so immediate and so there and then she kisses me.”

Said Lawrence about the film in which she and Adams’ character don’t always get along so well, “Getting to fight with Amy was just the funniest. We’d be cracking up, they’d call cut and we’d just start laughing. These kind of women are just so fun to play, and then we kissed. It was great!”

Okay, I need to go get a cold compress. Be right back.

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