Christina Aguilera shows off sexy body in new music video

I don’t get Christina Aguilera. One day she looks kind of tubby, the next she looks all hot. She’s like a chameleon who changes weights depending on her environment. This is the second music video we’ve seen Christina Aguilera in since July in which she looks like the Xtina we used to lust after. The last video was for someone else, but today it’s her own song “Let There Be Love” in which she thanks her fans for sticking with her over the years. How sweet. As far as music videos go, this one is actually kind of nice. It’s simple, clean, and fun, which amazingly makes it different nowadays. Her friends Nicole Richie and Christina Milian also make cameos in the video. See if you can spot them.

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Photo credit: YouTube/ChristinaAguilera