Christina Hendricks to play a stripper in a movie

Marketing 101: If you have a movie, in this case, Dark Places, in which Christina Hendricks is going to play a stripper, you get that f–king news out there first. Which is pretty much what the producers of Dark Places have now done. You think I’d be reporting on this movie I know absolutely nothing about if they didn’t? One problem with this type of marketing though: if Christina Hendricks doesn’t, you know, actually do any stripping in the film we’ll be going all Jennifer Aniston on her, accusing of her luring us in with the promise of something and not delivering what we came to the theater to see. (At least we’ll have those leaked naked pics to fall back on in Christina’s case though – something Jennifer needs to consider if she wants to maintain that fan base of hers.) Charlize Theron, Chloe Moretz, and some other less exciting people that we don’t care about are also going to be in the film.

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‘Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks Joins ‘Dark Places’ [Deadline]