Ranking the hot hookups of Jamie Foxx

I thought with Django Unchained being so popular that this week we’d take a look at the star of the movie Jamie Foxx’s alleged dating history. Turns out that it is also a bit “unchained.” I’m not sure even what that means, but the list is quite impressive, as you will see. But how does he compare to the other legendary ladies’ men we’ve profiled? Read on to find out.

Photo credit: YouTube/The Weinstein Company

Garcelle Beauvais (1996)

Foxx and Beauvais were reported to have dated while they worked together on The Jamie Foxx Show. You remember The Jamie Foxx Show, right?

Hookup score: 9.0
She’s sexy now and she’s 46.

Photo credit: YouTube/MaximoTV

Vivica A. Fox (1997)

Vivica A Fox

The Heart Truth, Wikimedia Commons

Reportedly had a thing going on during and after they shot the film Booty Call together.

Hookup score: 9.5
Vivica was the bomb at the time of that movie’s release.

Photo credit: The Heart Truth, Wikimedia Commons

Iliana Fischer (2002-2004)

Foxx and Playboy model Fischer actually had a long-term relationship, by Hollywood’s standards.

Hookup score: 8.5
She was a Playboy model, so I guess that’s good.

Photo credit: YouTube/Illiana Fischer

Meagan Good (2003-2006)

Meagan Good

Meagan Good, Instagram

Another long-term relationship for Foxx, and one that looked good for awhile (forgive the pun), but didn’t last, thanks to the constant attention from photographers, according to Meagan.

Hookup score: 9.0
Too bad. These two would have made a nice couple.

Photo credit: Meagan Good, Instagram

Leila Arcieri (2004-2005)

Despite this relationship lasting only around eight months, this time Foxx actually got engaged to Arcieri (allegedly).

Hookup score: 9.5
Miss San Francisco? Deal or No Deal model? Wild Things 2 lesbian scene? Very nice.

Photo credit: YouTube/TriStar Pictures

Christina Milian (2005, 2011)

Christina Milian

Christina Milian, Instagram

These two have been reportedly an item at least a couple of times, and maybe more, with one time being reported to be an eight month time period.

Hookup score: 9.0
Foxx certainly does know how to pick ’em.

Photo credit: Christina Milian, Instagram

Fantasia Barrino (2006)

Foxx and Fantasia had a fling in 2006, and rumors swirled that she was pregnant with Jamie’s baby. Rumors that near as I can tell have never been confirmed.

Hookup score: 8.0
Really, an American Idol contestant, Jamie? He does love music I guess.

Photo credit: YouTube/Fantasia

Lil’ Kim (2007-2010)

Lil Kim

windyjonas, Flickr

Kim and Foxx have been spotted together off and on for years. Have they actually dated? Inquiring minds want to know.

Hookup score: 8.5
She was spotted going up to his hotel room once. Proof!!

Photo credit: windyjonas, Flickr

Ashley Scott (2008)

Fox and Scott reportedly hooked-up, whatever that means.

Hookup score: 9.0
How come we don’t ever see her acting anymore?

Photo credit: YouTube/Columbia Pictures

Stacy Keibler (2008)

Keibler and Foxx were reported to have been dating on numerous Web sites, but it was also stated that they just “hung out.”

Hookup score: 10.0
“Hanging out” is code in Hollywood.

Photo credit: YouTube/Men’s Fitness

Olivia Munn (2010)

One magazine said that they were having “secret hookups” for months. Jamie has in the past said he doesn’t date white women.

Hookup score: 9.0
Who said anything about “dating?”

Photo credit: YouTube/Maxim

Stacey Dash (2010, 2012)

These two we know dated. Once for sure, and maybe again later. Who knows with these Hollywood people?

Hookup score: 9.5
Love Stacey.

Other less-substantiated alleged flings: Debbie Allen, Kirstie Alley, Claudia Jordan, Eva Marcille, Dominique Simone, Trina

Photo credit: YouTube/Stacey Dash is Normal

Final Tally

Jamie Foxx’s Hookup Score: 108.5 points

Move over Jared Leto, we’ve got a new man sitting in fourth place, and he’s never been married, and doesn’t appear to be getting married any time soon. Good luck catching Charlie, Jack, and Leo though.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio – 187 points
2. Jack Nicholson – 163
3. Charlie Sheen – 136
4. Jamie Foxx – 108.5
5. Jared Leto – 108
6. George Clooney – 93
7. Josh Hartnett – 91
8. Chris Evans – 83.5
9. Justin Timberlake – 82
10. Orlando Bloom – 81
11. Derek Jeter – 80
12. David Duchovny – 78.5
13. Joe Jonas – 77
14. Ryan Reynolds – 75
15. Ashton Kutcher – 73
16. Ryan Gosling – 72
17t. Kanye West – 71
17t. Brad Pitt – 71
17t. Jude Law – 71
20t. Colin Farrell – 70
20t. Adam Levine – 70
22. Sean Penn – 69
23. Johnny Depp – 67
24. Jake Gyllenhaal – 66
25t. Tom Brady – 64

25t. Mark Sanchez – 64
27. Kevin Connolly – 63
28t. Adam Duritz -62
28t. Alexander Skarsgard – 62
28t. Wilmer Valderrama – 62
28t. Gerard Butler – 62
32. Criss Angel – 61
33. John Mayer – 60
34. Bradley Cooper – 57
35. Shia LaBeouf – 56.5
36. Alex Rodriguez – 53
37. Robert Downey, Jr. – 51.5
38. Edward Norton – 51