Lindsay Lohan’s new mug shot is her best mug shot

Lindsay Lohan has a new mug shot! And seeing as how she should be getting really good at them by now (it’s her sixth one) it is, in my opinion, her best one yet. Lindsay Lohan’s really getting this whole “looking like a fugitive from justice look” down. Check it out.

Santa Monica Police Department

The reason for this particular Lindsay Lohan mug shot is because she had to go to court again yesterday for charges of giving false information to a police officer and reckless driving from a car crash she was in last year. She was sentenced to 90 days in a rehab facility for her crimes. What? You didn’t think she’d actually go to jail did you? Of course that won’t start until May 2nd. Why rush? She’s doing fine on her own.

To recap Lindsay Lohan’s mug shots (at least the one’s we’ve been allowed to see): In the first one she was blonde and looked scared. In the second she was a redhead and looked confused. In the third she was still a redhead and was starting to get comfortable. In the fourth, still a redhead, she looked bored. In the fifth she had a little strawberry blonde thing going and some plumped up lips looking like she was kind of having fun. Oh, just go check them all out here and you’ll see what I mean.