Nina Agdal is the sexy new face of Op, which of course means she’s modeling bikinis

Last year we saw Sarah Hyland sexily representing Op. Before that it was Ashley Tisdale. This year OP has really ramped it up with none other than Nina Agdal. Of course they had to put her in some bikinis for the new campaign too. Duh. Even better than that though that also shot the hot video you see above. They really know their stuff these Op people.

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But wait! There’s more! Also as a part of their Spring/Summer 2014 marketing campaign Op also grabbed model and actress Cailin Russo best known for appearing in Justin Bieber’s music videos and stuck her in some bikinis too. Genius I tell ya! Actor Josh Henderson of TNT’s Dallas is in it too, but who cares about him right? Oh well, I guess they had to have someone model their sweet men’s gear. I guess we’ll let it slide.

Photos courtesy Op